Alexa Rees-Jones

Senior Change Designer Read more

Alisha Bhagat

Senior Strategist Read more

Amy Langridge

Head of Marketing and Communications Read more

Anna Warrington

Director, Forum India Read more

Anne Paintin

Principal PA to Jonathon Porritt Read more

Ariel Muller

Director, Asia Pacific Read more

Charlene Collison

Associate Director, Sustainable Value Chains and Livelihoods Read more

Clare Baker

Development Manager Read more

Corina Angheloiu

Senior Design Strategist Read more

Cynthia Morel

Senior Sustainability Strategist Read more

Daniel Ford

Sustainability Strategist Read more

Dr Anna Birney

Director of Learning & Community Read more

Dr Sally Uren

Chief Executive, Forum for the Future Read more

Elizabeth Rich

Coordinator Read more

Georgia Rubenstein

Principal Change Designer Read more

Geraldine Gilbert

Principal Strategist Read more

Hannah Pathak

Director of UK and Europe Read more

Iain Watt

Principal Climate Specialist Read more

Ivana Gazibara

Associate Director of UK Read more

Jack Leahy

Office and HR Administration Coordinator Read more

James Payne

Associate Director, Transformational Strategies Read more

Jane Lawton

Chief Development & Communications Officer Read more

Jessica Ng

Team Coordinator, APAC Read more

Jiehui Kia

Principal Strategist Read more

Jo Lyon

Knowledge and Learning Curator Read more

Joanie Koh

Project Communications Manager Read more

Jolanta Gallo

Global Financial Controller Read more

Jonathon Porritt

Founder Director & Trustee Read more

Joy Green

Senior Futures Specialist Read more

Kat Campbell

System Change Project Manager Read more

Laura Bradman

Project Officer Read more

Laura Winn

Head of School of System Change Read more

Leila Hoballah

Global Project Lead Read more

Lesley Mitchell

Associate Director, Sustainable Nutrition Read more

Li Lin Loh

Office Coordinator Read more

Louise Armstrong

Principal Sustainability Advisor Read more

Louise Rezler

Senior Change Designer Read more

Madhumitha Ardhanari

Sustainability Strategist Read more

Martin Hunt

Principal Project Manager Read more

Mary McCarthy

Project Manager Read more

Min Ameen

Principal Change Strategist Read more

Natalya De Lance-Holmes

HR and Office Manager Read more

Natasha Houseman

Chief Operating Officer Read more

Oriana Brine

Senior Sustainability Strategist Read more

Rebecca Lawson

Senior Change Designer Read more

Richard Savill

Global Financial Planning Manager Read more

Roberta Iley

Principal Change Designer Read more

Rodrigo Bautista

Principal Change Designer Read more

Saksham Nijhawan

Technical Adviser Read more

Samantha Veide

Associate Director, US Read more

Samuel Smith

Senior Strategist Read more

Sandra Seru

Director, Forum US Read more

Sarah Tulej

Principal Change Designer Read more

Sumi Dhanarajan

Associate Director, APAC Read more

Susanna Orchard

Partnerships Development Officer Read more

Ulrike Stein

Senior Marketing & Communications Manager Read more

Valentina Toledo

Executive Assistant to CEO Read more

Will Dawson

Associate Director, Climate and Energy Read more

Zoe Le Grand

Principal Sustainability Strategist Read more