CEO Office and Project Advisor


Born deep in the Russian taiga, I spent my formative years in Bulgaria and started my career in the public sector as part of a national tourism board. During my undergraduate studies I became involved with AIESEC and their mission to develop young people’s potential while delivering positive change. On arrival to the UK to complete a Master's degree in Tourism Business Administration, I was introduced to the world of corporate travel and events, which led me to stage a number of high-profile education forums in key cities across Europe and the Middle East from Paris and Zurich, to Madrid and Dubai, among others. 

Despite my commitment to the travel industry, I have always felt a strong attachment to the environment. Starting with optional classes on ecology early on, over the years I participated in projects on sustainable tourism development in Bulgaria and Estonia. Just before the pandemic, I facilitated an informal working group to "green" the operations of my corporate hospitality employer. While completing a number of sustainability courses, including a boot-up on Climate Change Action by, I actively engaged in climate and social justice projects across grassroots organisations such as the Green New Deal UK, The Climate Venture Collective and Initiatives of Change, to name a few. 

Dream project

Finding a way of turning humankind's attention to the emergency of the social, climate and biodiversity crisis that we are facing. Turning away from self-interest to collaboration for the common good. The world would be a better place if we all were the change we wanted to see around us. By having become a part of Forum and a number of complementary initiatives, I feel energised to be contributing to a brighter Future for All. 

What floats my boat outside work? 

I am fond of my family and the natural world, especially beautiful landscapes and cute animals. Plants fascinate me! I feel best when I am out and about - visiting favourite or unknown destinations, hiking through a forest or a field, climbing up a mountain, simply enjoying the sunshine, or being awestruck by the magic of a sunset on a rugged cliff by the sea. I used to draw as a child, which has now translated into love for photography. My favourite website is Wikipedia and I am pretty nerdy for someone, who has largely been a practitioner.