Change Strategist


Since the age of nine, my classmates and I were socialised to the concepts of environmental and social justice in our school in Gurgaon, India. I became a crusader of not littering, and would secretly derive pleasure from scolding someone who littered in front of me. I know better now: guilt-shaming or acting too righteous is not the best way, and I feel happier when I can be of help to someone in need. Driven by the adrenaline of problem-solving, as well as waste management, I decided to pursue sustainability.

My former employer in Auroville, and the book “The Story of Stuff” expanded my interest in systems thinking and circular economy. My Masters degree at Penn added a layer of using Geographic Information System (GIS) as a tool to solve urban sustainability challenges as I related to urban issues, having grown up a city kid.

I returned to India in 2019, when I pursued the Plaksha Tech Leaders Program where I learnt more about tech, especially data science, prototyping, and entrepreneurship with the aim of using those to further sustainability.

Somehow, I have always ended up working with organisations that are part of the government, are a small business, or a non-profit. Before Forum, I worked at the Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency where I conceptualised citizen-centric e-governance solutions. I applied to Forum as I share a deep belief in systems thinking and know that we work on projects to apply it. Additionally, having been spoilt by the dynamic culture, work, and peer group I'd found as a volunteer with Make A Difference, India (a national level youth volunteer network that work to empower children at risk), it’s encouraging to see an environment at Forum where creativity, problem-solving, kindness, empathy, encouragement, and fun are nurtured, and where solutions-based design is treated holistically.

I enjoy problem-solving, ideation, brainstorming, designing solutions, connecting people with resources, speaking up against injustice, and learning about people’s stories.

Dream project

I have a few, and this list is dynamic:

  1. A circular economy-based start-up
  2. Starting an online social media community where brides can rent out / share their bridal wear with others to reduce consumption
  3. A zero-waste event management company, or to have a zero-waste wedding (if and when it happens!)
  4. Hosting a podcast that leads to a more compassionate understanding and appreciation of people
  5. Starting my own digital sketching side job
  6. Some amazing aggregator platform/product as an open-sourced platform (or something for me to keep track of knowledge / resources!)

What floats my boat outside work

Art: Music, jamming and performing with other musicians that I connect with, harmonising, dancing, sketching

Food: Indian street food (e.g. Pani Puri), homemade food, chocolate (dairy-free), Mexican and Indo-Chinese food, junk food, dining by myself in a restaurant/café

Reading/Watching: Crime novels, crime thrillers, singing competition shows, comedy shows

Quirks: Recognising patterns, connecting people to the resources they need, finding coincidences

People: Walking while having a deep conversation, witty folks, humble people, bad jokes, laughing with friends, walking/using public transport

Spaces: Aesthetic cities, cosy spaces like cool libraries, window-level seats, beautiful green spaces, pastel shades

Spirituality: Discussions about spirituality