International Managing Director


Having spent almost two decades working in the non profit sector, working on multi-sector partnerships in sustainability, development, and humanitarian action, I joined Forum in June 2019 to head up the UK / Europe team. 

The common thread throughout my career has been around convening dialogue and collaborative action through cross sector partnerships, and advancing practice through evidence-based information and through exploring and challenging paradigms. 

At Rescue Global, an NGO working in disaster risk reduction and response, as Deputy CEO I led the organisation’s external communications, partnerships, and business development. A highlight of my time there was in 2017, when I coordinated a team of disaster assessment specialists, aviators, and researchers in response to Hurricanes Irma and Maria in the Caribbean. Rescue Global transported 379 medical staff and casualties, over 79,000lbs of urgent aid supplies, and worked in collaboration with government, militaries, the NGO community, academic institutions and the private sector. 

At Earthwatch Institute, where I was Global Programme Director, I led the HSBC Climate Partnership and HSBC Water Programme. These two ambitious long-term cross-sector sustainability initiatives aimed to advance the core science around these two themes, as well as transform business practices through immersive learning and research programmes. 

I am experienced at both risk and crisis management, in organisational and remote field-based contexts. I have set up and directed sustainability projects in over 15 countries, and established national / regional NGO offices in India, Brazil and Hong Kong. 

My dream project

I am most fascinated by the sociological factors in complex global challenges, and love being part of transformational projects that encourage people to question their own mindsets, attitudes and behaviours. I also really enjoy when “uncommon” stakeholders come together and explore where their agendas align, and from that generate collaborative action.

What floats my boat outside of work

I am happiest in the great outdoors, and try to spend as much time as I can outside. I love hiking and camping, and am fortunate that I have travelled a great deal through my work, including to many remote locations. I have a high-energy dog who makes a great adventure companion for my outdoors explorations. 

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