Global Head, Purpose of Business Transition


I head up Forum's 'Transformational Strategies' work globally, to help the organisations we partner with move towards regenerative, net positive goals and pursue ambitious system change strategies. Pioneering organisations can create systemic impacts and catalyse positive change far beyond their direct sphere of control. To do this we help them understand the opportunities, and how to unlock them. 

As well as working directly one-to-one with organisations, I’m keen to explore opportunities for our partners to collaborate with our Challenge Labs to come together to address complex sustainability challenges like climate change, sustainable nutrition, value chains & livelihoods and shifting to a circular economy. 

I have bridged strategy, marketing and sustainability disciplines through two decades in both consultancy and industry roles. I started my career in Diageo, initially in marketing roles in Ireland before moving to global communications, innovation and strategy roles in London. After completing an MSc in Environmental Technology at Imperial College I have worked with innovation and sustainability consultancies on projects focused on sparking sustainability-led disruptive innovation, building ambition for restorative strategies and embedding sustainability in business strategy.

My dream project?

Starting a collaboration that restores the primary production of our oceans through a pioneering initiative that farms restorative kelp forests at scale: absorbing CO2, creating rich marine ecosystems and providing a fast-growing, renewable source of food, fertiliser and biofuel.

What floats my boat outside work?

I’m probably at my happiest getting out into nature for a long walk or a swim in the sea or a lake. I love exercising my imagination and enjoying storytelling, whether that’s around a campfire or stuck into an epic sci-fi space opera. I do my best to keep up a daily meditation practice and make sure to get away on meditation retreats a few times a year to recharge and reconnect.

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