Change Designer


I started my professional journey as a service designer and a user researcher at a UX design agency in Paris. Thanks to this experience, I have learned how to use my background in social sciences (sociology, anthropology) to design effective solutions that help people in their daily lives.

Alongside this professional experience, I have been an active member of the climate movement in Paris, campaigning and organising with various non-profit organisations. Very early on, I have been fascinated by the power of grassroots movements and community-led initiatives to challenge and reinvent systems. I was trained in community organising and facilitation with Make Sense, and applied these skills when participating in community-led initiatives in Paris and London.

In the UK, I worked on the design of an educational program to help young people in Hackney to create socially and environmentally impactful projects. A highlight of that experience was to see how creative and full of hope young people are for their futures.

Dream project

I am fascinated to see how collectives of people can organise to shift power dynamics and challenge current systems. My dream project would involve connecting the private sector with grassroots movements or community-led initiatives to rethink new models and systems together.

What floats my boat outside work

Enjoying a croissant in the morning makes my day.

My free time is dedicated to visiting art exhibitions, cycling everywhere, cooking veggie food for my friends, and being out hiking in nature as much as I can. I dedicate a lot of my time to activism, helping grassroots movements and community-led initiatives to challenge the status quo and invent new futures!

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