Futures Centre Strategist


Growing up in the 2000s, it became increasingly frustrating to see narratives that focused environmental action on planting more trees or using less plastic. Where was the innovation? Where was the urgency? Then and now, I refuse to accept a future of a dreary world out of Philip K. Dick’s books. Taking that fierce optimism and maybe some rebellion, I explored ethical supply chains, climate reparations and impact investing, until I finally stumbled onto Forum’s work.

Looking back, all the odd projects and jobs I’ve done seem to have led me to the world of regenerative futures. I studied international studies and filmmaking where my work ranged from exploring nationality in border regions to how memes can challenge power structures. I was also able to direct and produce documentaries on social issues around waste management, caste economics and growing displacement in India. Over the last two years, I have been a graphic designer and illustrator for NGOs and home-grown brands, while also dabbling in art direction opportunities.

How can better climate communication and visioning help stakeholders work together and act intently and urgently? Futures practice seems to tackle this question, but from the start it has to be inherently human and empathetic. Here’s where I see immersive storytelling and design step in. Humanising these interconnected complex challenges helps us solve them more effectively. I’m also focused on bringing more diverse voices to the table and building just futures collaboratively.

You can find me cooking up more creative and playful futures over at the Futures Centre.

Dream project

Building more immersive and experiential projects rooted in hope and wonder for the planet. Eventually tie those into design led decision making and policy shifts.

If we can dream up a better, kinder (and a more colourful) world, why not make everyone believe in it as a real possibility? I’d love to play with mediums like VR, games and data to create more participatory narratives and better represent the disparities within people’s everyday realities.

Oh and I’d also love to direct my own feature film someday!

What floats my boat outside of work

Spending a day in the sun with my friends. Creating funky images that I can’t possibly explain, either with a pen or a camera. Karaoke in a bar somewhere with friends or singing loudly in unison at a concert. Travelling, learning about different cultures and making friends everywhere I go.