Principal Sustainability Strategist


With a career spanning just over a decade, my passion lies in catalyzing systemic change through inclusive, sustainable, and socially just models. I operate at the intersection of People, Planet, Policy, and Systems, with a primary focus on Climate, Agri-Food Systems, Health Systems, and Energy Systems.

In my multifaceted roles, I have consistently worn the hat of a complex systems thinker and advocate for people-centric designs. Drawing from my extensive experience in social and sustainability consulting, I've been deeply involved in evidence-based program designs, independent formative and summative evaluations (both quasi and experimental), and programmatic MEL across diverse sectors. Much of my work has revolved around collaborating with intermediaries and research institutions like J-PAL SA, IFMR - LEAD, Samhita, and the Catalyst Group. I've had the privilege of engaging with renowned institutions such as The World Bank, USAID, SKOLL Foundation, MacArthur, CIFF, Rockefeller Foundation, BMGF, TATA Trusts, and more, collectively impacting over 10 million vulnerable populations through various programs and initiatives.

One of the highlights of my journey was contributing to the development of India's First Emissions Trading Scheme, aimed at low-cost air pollution mitigation and regulation by government and industries. This groundbreaking initiative was developed in collaboration with J-PAL, EPIC-India, EPoD-India, and the State Pollution Control Boards. Additionally, I evolved the design of the Regenerative Agriculture Communities model, which strategically intervenes at the crossroads of food, energy, and health systems. This initiative focuses on building climate-resilient communities, greening sectors, and promoting carbon sequestration.

My educational background encompasses a post-graduate degree in Energy and Environmental Management from Glasgow Caledonian University and an undergraduate degree in Bio-Technology. I am thrilled to be engaging with Forum for the Future and the Responsible Energy Initiative, where there is a commitment to promoting sustainability, championing solutions that bridge social and environmental equity, and advocacy for a just, regenerative and transformative shift in our approach to production, consumption, and the concept of value creation.

My dream project

My dream project is to create and scale self-sustaining communities and ecosystems guided by the principles of systems thinking and sustainability design. This endeavour prioritizes equity and shared resource ecosystems, striving to harmonize natural, human, and social capital. At its core, the project aims to advance sustainable energy systems, circular water and waste management, regenerative agriculture and sustainable food production, sustainable landscapes, and biodiversity conservation to nurture a balanced relationship between ecosystems and the environment.

What floats my boat outside work?

Outside my professional commitments, I find immense joy in travel, whether it's exploring new places on my bike or embarking on solo adventures. I'm a fervent sports enthusiast, both as a player and a spectator. My musical preferences range from rock and metal to regional favourites. Additionally, I'm deeply passionate about delving into the world of indigenous cuisine and preserving traditional food recipes, particularly those that incorporate millet and rare grain varieties.