Climate Week confirms there is still time to transform, but it will take courage

As the dust settles on New York’s latest Climate Week, Forum for the Future’s Chief Executive, Dr Sally Uren, draws on Forum’s Future of Sustainability: Courage to Transform report to relate what she saw and heard to the different possible futures that might lie ahead. Read more

Can shifting policy transform the deep-rooted challenges in the US agriculture system?

With Farm Bill negotiations in full swing, there is growing momentum in US public policy around incentivizing regenerative agriculture. Forum’s Sustainability Strategist, Michelle Stearn, highlights how collective action can pave the way for policy wins that prioritize both resilient ecosystems and thriving communities. Read more

Reimagining a new model for regenerative supply chains in agriculture

Current agricultural supply chains fall short in delivering the environmental and livelihood outcomes needed, leaving regenerative farmers with limited ways to access viable markets. As part of the Growing our Future initiative, we set out to reimagine the process of buying and selling regenerative products, envisioning a decentralized, collaborative, and regenerative model called the Regenerative Value Network (RVN). Read more

Challenging the status quo, letting go of ‘win-wins’ and finding hope in the next generation

Jonathon Porritt, one of the co-founders of Forum for the Future, steps down after almost 30 years with the international sustainability non-profit. Here, he reflects on those three decades, and why we need to start thinking very differently about the role of business in accelerating the transition to a just and sustainable world. Read more