Can hydrogen bring about true transformation of our energy systems?

Growing interest in hydrogen’s potential as an alternative to fossil fuels has been rising. But does hydrogen, as an energy carrier, support our most hopeful imaginations? In this blog we examine whether hydrogen's development and deployment represent innovation or familiarity. Read more

To deliver a truly just and regenerative energy transition, our failures tell us to delve deeper

What does it truly take to make our global energy system just and regenerative? In his compelling exploration, Forum's Global Head, Energy System Transition, Kunal Sharma writes about the critical shifts necessary for an equitable and sustainable energy transition. Read more

Pathways to transforming unethical recruitment practices

If a strong foundation of trust among diverse stakeholders is established in a complex system, how can this be built on to create lasting, effective change? In the last of a three-part blog series, we explore possible pathways to an effective changemaking system in responsible recruitment, and opportunities for value chain actors to act in transformative ways. Read more

Tackling complex challenges starts with empathy and trust

Complex challenges in value chains require more than just piecemeal solutions that address challenges on the surface. How does building trust through system change approaches tackling complex challenges such as responsible recruitment? What does it mean to apply such an approach to equally complex contexts with multiple stakeholders? Read more

Climate Week confirms there is still time to transform, but it will take courage

As the dust settles on New York’s latest Climate Week, Forum for the Future’s Chief Executive, Dr Sally Uren, draws on Forum’s Future of Sustainability: Courage to Transform report to relate what she saw and heard to the different possible futures that might lie ahead. Read more