I started working at Forum for the Future’s APAC office in 2015 as the new Team Administrator, and my work involves establishing systems that support the growth of our team and regional network.

My background is in anthropology and I've worked with marginalised communities across Asia and the Pacific, exploring patterns of informal resourcing as forms of engagement with social and environmental change. I recently returned to Singapore from a project in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, researching methods of urban resistance to government-aided land grabs.  

My interest in the intersections between place-making and innovation in the built environment has impressed upon me the need to work toward sustainable development, with an eye to transforming systems. So much of our social relations are mediated by our relations to land and the built environment; I see the work done by and with Forum, as we collectively reimagine/reconfigure this system (and others), to be a wider expression of our commitment to each other as humanity.  

My dream project?

Being in the thick of it when productive entities have evolved and may no longer be known as ‘businesses’.

What floats my boat outside work? 

I like being in wild, open space. I think it’s an internal urge developed by the fact that I grew up in land-scarce, techno-urban Singapore. You can find me at the beach, biking through rural land and hiking without aim in the tropics of Southeast Asia. 


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