Principal Sustainability Strategist


I am a Principal Sustainability Strategist at Forum’s Mumbai office. I am inspired by Forum’s vision and approach in working towards a sustainable future and I am excited to be part of a team that works across sustainability challenges ranging from energy to food to sustainable value chains. Given the interconnectedness of factors, agents, and approaches behind multiple sustainability challenges, I believe that a systems thinking approach is necessary to bring about resilient and sustainable solutions.

My previous experience includes working with a social enterprise incubator, as a consultant in the development sector, and as a corporate lawyer. My experiences have led me to appreciate the many levers that need to work together to bring about change, and I am grateful to be playing an active role in building sustainable solutions through my work at Forum.

Dream project

My dream project would be to weave behaviour change design into collaborations between institutions and communities so that sustainable living becomes the new normal. 

What floats my boat outside work?

Inventing stories with my son, long walks in nature.

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