Principal Change Designer


My journey to Forum began at bio-bean, the first company in the world to industrialise the process of recycling waste coffee grounds into a range of advanced biofuels and biochemicals. Working at this exciting start-up introduced me to the world of sustainability and the potential of the circular economy to align social, commercial and environmental values.

I left bio-bean to start an MSc at UCL in Environmental Economics in order to learn more about how we actually transition circular economy. The course introduced me to the concepts of complexity and systems theory, which I applied in my dissertation to analyse the connections between energy efficiency policy and the tragedy at Grenfell Tower. Having studied the power of systems thinking to provide new insights into some of our most complex challenges, I was determined to work for an organisation actively using systems thinking to accelerate the transition to a genuinely sustainable economy.

My dream project

My dream project would involve facilitating group model building workshops to draw causal loop diagrams of the key dynamics at play in one of the Challenge Labs. The hope is that by drawing the diagrams together, we could start to build a collective understanding of the key barriers to change and where the most impactful intervention lies.

What floats my boat?

Some might accuse me of being somewhat of a jack of all trades, master of none. I play guitar, piano and accordion. I’m a keen rock climber, going on trips around the UK and Europe when I can get my act together. My latest fad is film photography as I recently inherited an old camera and lenses that were sitting in a cupboard for 30 years, so I’ve started to shoot and develop my own film.