Team Assistant 


In the past 5 years I have been strongly involved in climate activism and grassroots organising. Fighting for climate justice is what lies at the heart of the actions and projects I have been involved with and inspiring others to fight for radical system change is my passion.

My background is in political and multilingual communications. For my undergraduate degree I studied Multilingual Communications (English and French) at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne. In my bachelor’s thesis, “The language of the Hambacher Forest”, I analysed a political group’s linguistic development through sustained participant observation during their longstanding occupation of a forest. Conducting scientific research in the environment of radical climate activism was truly eye-opening to me and equipped me with a thorough understanding of the movement.

During my master’s I studied Political Communications at Goldsmiths University of London. In my dissertation “Democracy in Climate Crisis”, I explored the (in)ability of Germany’s democracy to tackle the climate emergency, focusing on the relationship between the German Green Party and environmental grassroots movements. Researching the dynamics between grassroots movements and a political party in the context of a democracy that has been fundamentally weakened by neoliberal capitalism has highlighted the importance of systemic change for me.

Dream project

I believe that the most sustainable and socially just projects can only be realised through the involvement of the people. My dream project would therefore be to bring together stakeholders from the private sector and political realm with grassroots movements to create a truly just and regenerative world, particularly through amplifying the voices of the people most affected by the climate crisis and marginalised groups.

What floats my boat outside work

I love London for its creative scene, going to the West End to see a musical or play is always a highlight for me. Whenever possible, I also enjoy going to live recordings of my favourite podcast “The Guilty Feminist” or comedy shows.