Associate Director, Practice and Programme Quality


I joined Forum’s US office in 2014, and am part of the Sustainable Business team.

My role at Forum is a natural evolution from my professional and academic experience thus far. I studied international development and Russian during my undergraduate years in Montreal, Canada. After a few months backpacking and working on organic farms around Europe, I returned home to Minneapolis, Minnesota and spent six years at a non-profit organization focusing on collaborative, cross-sector environmental problem-solving. It was there that I got my feet wet working with the corporate world, facilitating collaboration and dialogue among local companies on sustainability issues.

In the meantime, I fostered an interest in systems with a master’s degree in urban planning, and developed my international interests studying the cultural ecology of water in the Netherlands and working on organic waste management in Bangalore. I’ve always been more of a generalist, interested in complex systems, connections, translating information across sectors, and the novel outcomes that can come from combining ideas or people in new ways. My position at Forum allows me to work on a global scale, drawing on my background in partnership-building, big picture thinking, and sustainability.

My dream project?

Working on something related to large-scale behavior change among individuals or communities. I’m so interested in the psychology of sustainable behavior (like how recycling became mainstream), especially among most of the population who aren’t environmentalists or employed by a sustainability organization.  

What floats my boat outside work?

I love food – cooking, growing, eating it; running and biking; reading mystery novels and the Sunday newspaper; and exploring my new New York home.



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