Managing Director, Southeast Asia


All my life, I have looked for ways to contribute towards realising social justice, whether as a lawyer as an international development practitioner and as an advocate for corporate responsibility. I have addressed corporate impact with regard to labour standards and working conditions in global supply-chains in the garment and fresh produce sectors, sustainable livelihoods in the agricultural commodities sectors, the pharmaceutical sector’s responsibilities for access to essential medicines, and human rights abuses in the extractive industry. My approach towards achieving change in sustainability practices comes from being an active participant in the evolution of the corporate responsibility movement over the last two decades. Through this, I have honed an intuition for emerging trends, a maturity in working with people and organisations across business, government and civil society in advancing responsible business behaviour and, a diverse network of individuals from whom to seek inspiration and collaboration. I feel fortunate to be contributing Forum’s thinking, attitude and methods to the sustainability cause in Asia-Pacific - especially in my home region of Southeast Asia - where the problems may be ‘wicked’ but the transformation potential is considerable.

My dream project?

My dream project would nurture Generation Z as sustainability champions who are able to shift corporate imperatives so that theirs and future generations’ rights to a sustainable future are realised.

What floats my boat outside work?

Being by my children’s side as they discover the wonders of life; being immersed in a good story from a novel, film or TV show; the magnificence of small things.

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