Futurist and Senior Strategist, Forum for the Future Americas


My work as a futurist focuses on the creative use of futures thinking to impact long term positive change, particularly around social justice and equality. At Forum I utilize foresight tools such as systems mapping, scenario planning, and speculative futures to engage with stakeholders on strategic visions and the concrete actions needed to achieve them.

At Forum I work on projects that span sectors and address some of the critical complex global challenges we are facing. Much of my work focuses on the food system, consumer goods, and urban planning. Recent projects include the Protein Challenge 2040, The Future of Nationalism, and Fashion Futures.

My work at Forum is applied. I use long term creative thinking and a suite of related tools for the larger goal of systems change. Depending on what is right for the problem and people involved, I use tools such as visioning, three horizons, trend decks, games, and immersions to structure creative thinking and create change. Bringing the future to life is an essential part of anticipating change as well as creating a preferred future.

In my career, I’ve done futures workshops with the government, students, religious officials, foundations, and businesses. I have a background in international development and am particularly interested in using futures as a means of community building and social change. 

My undergraduate studies were in anthropology and engineering at Carnegie Mellon, and I went on to become a Fulbright scholar in India. I hold an M.S. in Foreign Service from Georgetown University.

Dream Forum Project? 

An immersive game or experience that would inspire communities and policy makers to make a mind-set shift and take action on climate change.

What Floats my boat outside of work? 

When not thinking about the future, I am an avid gamer, trivia nerd, and science fiction enthusiast. I am president of the board of BitchMedia, a feminist media organization. While not a native New Yorker, I’ve been in Brooklyn many years, and love exploring the city with my two daughters.

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