Senior Strategist


I am a Senior Strategist in Forum’s New York office. I am fascinated by complex systems and have devoted my career to learning how systems work, assessing problems, and making them manageable. I see Forum’s Future’s practice as critical to systems change. 

I help people and organizations think strategically and long term so that they can anticipate change as well as create the future they want. I use tools such as visioning, three horizons, scenario planning, and trends decks, among others, to help structure thinking about the future. Depending on the project, I design games, create immersive experiences, and try to bring the future to life.  At Forum I work on a large range of projects with a focus on food, retail, and consumer packaged goods. Some of the more recent projects have been Tea 2030, Retail Horizons, and Protein 2040. In my career I’ve done futures workshops with monks in Burma, the US government, students at places like the University of Hawaii and the New School, foundations, and businesses. I have a background in international development and am particularly interested in using futures as a means of community building and social change. 

My undergraduate studies were in anthropology and engineering at Carnegie Mellon, and I went on to become a Fulbright scholar in India. I hold a M.S. degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University, with a focus in international development. 

Dream Forum Project? 

An immersive game or simulation that would engage communities and policy makers around the world on climate change.

What Floats my boat outside of work? 

When not thinking about the future, I am an avid gamer, trivia nerd, and science fiction enthusiast. I am on the board of a feminist media organization, and love exploring nature with my two daughters. 

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