Futures Lead


My work as a futurist focuses on the creative use of futures thinking to impact long term positive change, particularly around social justice and equality. I believe that foresight is a critical tool in addressing complex global challenges. 
At Forum I lead our futures team in integrating futures tools and thinking into our work with partners. During my time at Forum my work has included projects on the future of food, consumer goods, cities, and democracy, among others. Depending on the project, I use tools such as scenarios, visioning, three horizons, trend decks, games, and immersions to structure creative thinking and create change. Bringing the future to life is an essential part of anticipating change as well as creating a preferred future. At Forum, I’m passionate about making our work accessible through our Futures Centre platform, and through sharing our work with the larger community.  
In addition to my work at Forum, I am a part-time faculty member at the Parsons School of Design at the New School, where I teach the Futures Studies and Speculative Design Certificate, a program I helped develop. I also lead the Diaspora Futures Collective, an online community of BIPOC futurists examining issues of equity and power in the futures field. 

Dream Forum Project? 

An immersive game or experience that would inspire communities and policy makers to make a mind-set shift and take action on climate change.

What Floats my boat outside of work? 

When not thinking about the future, I am an avid gamer, trivia nerd, and science fiction enthusiast. While not a native New Yorker, I’ve been in Brooklyn many years and love exploring the city.