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Global Projects

Scaling plant-based protein

As part of the Protein Challenge 2040, we are working to rebalancing consumption of animal, plant and alternative proteins amongst consumers, to help minimise the environmental, social and health impacts of our current protein system.


Author: Joanie Koh

CottonUP guide

Together with the partners in the Cotton 2040 coalition, we are calling on brands and retailers to radically increase their sourcing of sustainable cotton and have launched a digital guide to support them with fast-tracking their sourcing strategies


Author: Madeleine Wild

Catalysing Community Energy

Empowering communities across the UK to own, generate and save energy together



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  • Characteristics of a sustainable business model

    Over the last year a new term has been rising up – the sustainable business model. So far it has been used to signal the need to go beyond innovating products or services, and change the fundamentals of how a business makes money. At Forum for the Future we are trying to work through the detail of what makes a sustainable business model so more and more companies can act. Read more