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Living Grid
Creating an interactive, self-balancing and adaptive energy ecosystem that’s inspired by nature
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The Futures Centre
Our interactive digital platform is sharing our futures knowledge and expertise on a global scale. Find out more and get involved.
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New global coalition set to transform the future of protein
Forum of the Future has brought together leading businesses and NGOs to drive innovation to meet the world’s protein needs sustainably  
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Help to mainstream sustainable cotton
Are you a business leader with a stake in a sustainable cotton industry? Join us to co-create workstreams aiming to accelerate systems-level shift for sustainable cotton.
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Beautifying the beauty industry
Forum brought together leaders from the beauty and personal care industry to diagnose the system and discover how to achieve a more sustainable sector more quickly. Download our think piece to find out more.
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More than a mobile
How our collaborative industry standard is helping consumers understand the sustainability credentials of their mobile phones.
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