Principal Sustainability Strategist


I started off as an under-graduate student volunteer with fun opportunities to travel to rural, remote parts of India for free, honestly. I was awestruck with India’s rich diversity and beauty but at the same time I realised the magnitude of impact clean energy can create in rural areas, majority of which do not have access to clean sources of energy. I learnt more over my graduate degree in renewable energy and since then, have worked on researches, innovations, business models and community led initiatives across India to realise sustainable rural development on-ground.

I joined Forum in 2016. It has been a great positive shift in my career as I get to work on the other side of the coin, with governments and decision makers. I get to share my on-ground experiences and our research with a hope to catalyse transformative change in this magnificent country.

You can find me in the Mumbai office with Anna and Pallavi.

My dream project

Work and live with a rural community to help them develop with a systemic approach (thanks Forum!) with a great number of sustainable micro-businesses. And do this again and again!

What floats my boat outside of work

Food, mountains and riding are my true calling. I love to cook over open fire (guilty!), explore hidden Himalayan villages and tropical backroads and ride on my lovely Royal Enfield (she’s called Sloane). I would love to have my own farm in the mountains with a small café, great coffee, a vegetable garden, probably some fresh cheese, a horse and a mud-stone house. The café might play some jazz and India classical music.

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