Energy Transition Lead, India


I work as the Energy Transition Lead, India, where I lead our work on clean energy, including the Responsible Energy Initiative. I have studied and worked in areas of energy and climate change with a focus on India and South Asia. The common thread in my career has been the clean energy space and climate action.

With Dhan Foundation and Tata Trusts, I worked on-ground with rural communities in India on supporting community led energy planning and understanding cultural barriers and opportunities on clean cooking. With Development Alternatives, I managed development of clean energy powered sustainable micro-enterprises and supported two states in India on sustainable rural housing policies and recommendations.

I joined Forum in 2016 and I have experienced the best of Forum through our work in coaching organisations, building transformational strategies and running complex collaborations. Here, I work with businesses, investors, pioneering organisations on realising their role in climate action and clean energy transition. 

I am usually based in Kasauli, a small town in the foothills of Himalayas in India.

My dream project

I would love to have my own off-grid, regenerative farm and homestay with a small café, locally sourced coffee, tea and vegetables and small buildings built with kathi-kuni (local name for stone-wood) architecture.

What floats my boat outside of work

Food, mountains and riding are my true calling. I love to cook, explore hidden mountain villages and tropical backroads and ride on my lovely Royal Enfield. I love being outdoors and adventure – hiking, camping and scuba diving. I love dogs and I am always surrounded by a few!

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