I’ve always enjoyed using interdisciplinary approaches to tackle complex global challenges such as inequality, health, and sustainability. My love for problem-solving and desire to adopt different lenses has led me to undertake diverse work experiences in consulting, thought leadership, and data-driven research at organizations such as The Economist Intelligence Unit and Marsh McLennan.

As a Research Analyst at Marsh McLennan Insights, a thought leadership unit, I explored emerging risks and opportunities at the intersections of cross-cutting themes such as Climate Resilience, Transformative Technologies, and Healthy Societies. One of the highlights of my time there was working on a project focused on the future of flood risk management, where we established a new agenda for resilience amidst rising risk levels. Delving into systemic research and embracing viewpoints of different sectors to uncover innovative solutions helped me gain a deeper appreciation for systems thinking.

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree from Yale-NUS College. In true liberal arts fashion, I dabbled in multiple fields - I conducted research in the forests of Borneo, participated in a leadership program on urban sustainability, and took classes tracing the history of capitalism. This form of learning equipped me with a multidimensional understanding of societal challenges and examine the interplay between different systems, all while considering the unique social, cultural, historical, and political contexts in which issues arise.

As a Strategist at Forum, I am excited to embark on work that pushes the frontiers of sustainability, fosters solutions that bridge social and environmental justice, and pioneers bold thinking on how we can bring about a deep and fundamental reset of the way we work, produce, consume, think about value.

My dream project

My dream project is one that sits at the intersection of health, gender, and climate, charting a course for how healthcare systems can be transformed to be more equitable, resilient, and inclusive. I firmly believe that a systems approach that connects health to wider societal issues is necessary to harness co-benefits, align incentives across various stakeholders in the ecosystem and identify new models of collaboration.

What floats my boat outside work?

I enjoy overanalysing pop culture, badminton, journaling, sour candy, reading almost anything I can get my hands on (two of my all-time favourite books are The God of Small Things and Half of a Yellow Sun), basking in nature, and cats.