Associate Director - Practice and Programme Impact


I co-lead Forum’s approach to practice and program impact - seeking to constantly nurture and evolve ‘how’ we create change in service of a just and regenerative future. This includes a focus on how different practices can bring to life the depth of change required - from storytelling to collaboration and futures - and how we can experiment, monitor and learn what is most effective in shifting mindsets, norms and ultimately behaviours. 

Together with co-lead Georgia Rubenstein I work internally and externally to build change making capacity, as well as supporting the effective design and delivery of Forum’s work to enable deep, urgent transitions in food, energy and the purpose of business.

This builds on a number of years working with businesses and civil society on designing systemic approaches to change. I started out my career with a strong focus on how we transform agriculture and the food system - the nexus of challenges surrounding how we produce, consume, value and relate to food has always fascinated me. I led Forum’s Protein Challenge 2040 collaboration, worked 1:1 with businesses on their strategies, supported coalitions of actors on agriculture and aquaculture, and acted as the private sector observer at the World Bank’s Forest Carbon Partnership Facility to deliver sub-national REDD+ programmes.

My dream project?

I would love to work with a group of businesses deeply committed to becoming just and regenerative organisations - from their internal values and processes through to their purpose and products/services. I am on my own journey what it means to live and work from a living systems perspective - working with emergence and enabling, rather than forcing, people and ecosystems to evolve and reach their own potential. 

What floats my boat outside work?

Outside of work, I love to sew clothes and other bits and pieces. I like nothing better than to meet up with other lovely people in my town to sew together while chatting about the big issues in the world.


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