Director of Futures and Strategic Initiatives


I’m motivated by the ability of designers and entrepreneurs to innovate new products and services based not just on past successes, but on future possibilities and preferred future outcomes.

My foray into the overlap of design, business and sustainability began formally at Bainbridge Graduate Institute, a pioneering MBA program that integrates sustainability into every course.  Since then, I’ve worked at Saatchi and Saatchi to design and deliver sustainability programs with companies such as WalMart, NBC Universal, Duke Energy and Procter and Gamble and at the collaborative strategy and design firm, Helsinki Group. When I in New York I was adjunct faculty at Parson’s New School in a program that integrated design thinking, systems thinking, urban policy and environmental science.

There have been several times over the past few years I’ve wished there was a platform where competitors could collaborate so that we could move faster to address our systemic challenges. In my imagination passionate people with tested processes and a bold vision for change would manage the platform.  Eh voila, Forum! I’m very excited to be working with the brilliant folks at Forum and our pioneering partners to tackle problems at a systemic level.

Ideal project

I’m doing it. The inaugural year of the Futures Centre is going to be an exciting journey in learning how to leverage the collaborative capacity of a digital platform with futures trend monitoring to identify opportunities for businesses to accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy.

Outside the office 

Creative risk. Adventure. Interrupted by good wine, good food & a ‘ruined table’ (hat tip to Christopher Hitchens, but hold the cigarette smoke, please).

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