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I help businesses design and deliver ambitious sustainability strategies which make an impact on the world. Studying history and social sciences fired up my passion for social justice. I enjoyed learning about how society works and how it has overcome problems in the past and it inspired me to take a forward look at what the major challenges might be for the future. My first job was in housing and it was fascinating to discover the relationship between the human need for shelter, comfort and opportunity within environmental boundaries.   Seeing amazing sustainable buildings showed me the opportunity that business has to operate efficiently while also bringing down carbon emissions, saving water and improving the life chances of people living there.  Working at Forum with leading businesses such as Kingfisher, M&S and Unilever who are pushing the boundaries of sustainable business led me to wonder- how could a business reduce its negative impacts whilst simultaneously, driving up its positive impacts? How could it restore the environment and society and become net positive?  I became fascinated with the idea of Net Positive business and focussed my Masters thesis on this very topic. Nowadays I work with globally leading business to help them to figure out how they can become Net Positive and put more back into the world than they take out.  I am also working to grow the Net Positive movement, by working with other NGOs and companies to develop knowledge, tools and resources to help companies take this ambitious step.

Dream Forum project?

I like working with businesses either on their own, or in groups, to work out how they can work with their suppliers, clients, consumers and competitors to restore our depleted environment and rebalance our global society.

What floats your boat outside of work?

My one year old keeps me pretty busy.  But when I find the time, I like to explore all the culture that London has to offer- from galleries and museums to theatre and music.

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