Senior Change Designer


I have recently graduated from the University of Nottingham after completing a BA Hons Geography degree and I join Forum as a Change Designer.

My passion for the environment and global challenges stems from my degree as I undertook modules such as ‘Medical Geography’ and ‘Global Climate Change’. I wanted to use my time at university to make a difference and help to tackle some of the issues I’d learnt about and as such became involved with the committee of ‘Share Uganda’. I was elected President of this society and held a very successful fundraiser that contributed to the construction of a hospital in Uganda, helping to increase medical access to those in rural areas.

I am also an Ambassador for the Royal Geographical Society and have delivered lessons on the importance of being sustainable as I feel very strongly about helping the next generation to become conscious of their actions. I believe that change at every scale is important and can make a difference.

Dream Project

After studying Geography at university, I became aware of the significance of agriculture and its impact on the climate. My dream project would be to raise awareness of the carbon emissions associated with different foods, perhaps even labelling them on packaging in supermarkets. Initiatives to help people shop sustainably definitely needs to be encouraged. This also relates to my foodie blog called ‘Carbon Foodprints’.

What floats my boat outside work?

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with friends and family and travelling to new places with them. I particularly enjoy hiking whether this is in the Peak District or Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Exploring different cultures is always exciting! I also love cooking and as I mentioned above, I have a side project called ‘Carbon Foodprints’. I post healthy and easy to follow recipes along with a rough value of the carbon emissions associated with the ingredients used in each dish. It combines my passion for food and the environment!