Principal Sustainability Strategist


This isn’t my first time at Forum! When I made a career change into sustainability, I took a series of internships and short-term contracts, working at a range of NGOs as well as in the private sector, working across projects supporting FMCGs, the financial industry, environmental law and evidence in public policy. One of those internships was at Forum for the Future. I subsequently worked at Forum as a Communications Officer for a few months, before doing an MA at King’s  College, London, where I specialised in environmental policy and governance, sustainable consumption and behaviour change.

Following my MA, I worked in other NGOs and in the consultancy world, before going onto Unilever. There I spent eight years working on sustainability reporting and insights projects across the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, Unilever Compass and the Climate Transition Action Plan, focusing on climate, waste, water and sustainable sourcing, as well as rankings and ratings, reporting strategies and materiality.

My dream project?

As we get ever closer to 2030 and the need to cap global emissions to 1.5°C becomes increasingly important, anything encompassing sustainable consumption and behaviour change. I’m fascinated by how different infrastructures of provision can mediate consumption patterns by encouraging – or discouraging – specific behaviours.

What floats my boat outside work?

Wild swimming. It completely stops the seemingly endless list of things whizzing around my brain and helps me be completely in the moment. Also, learning to boulder, hiking and exploring as many eateries as possible!


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