Managing Director - Americas and Transformation


Prior to Forum, I spent my career in the coffee/beverage sector in various capacities including learning & development, strategy, sustainability and gender equity. I started at Forum in 2018 as the Associate Director for the US team and then became Director of Organizational Transformation in 2023. I am currently the Managing Director of Americas and Transformation.

One of the most meaningful experiences during my time at Forum was being part of a nine-month inquiry into what it means for businesses to go beyond sustainability to a full commitment to a just and regenerative future. The team published “A Compass for a Just & Regenerative Future” in November 2021 and the thinking that guided this report now guides my own beliefs about the kind of daring change-making work we need to undertake to contribute to the full restoration of our planet ecologically and socially.

The current questions that guide my work are: How might we build organizations that embody and mirror the just and regenerative future we want to see? What does it mean to adopt decision-making, governance, and ways of working that model just and regenerative principles? And, how do you build future-fit organizational strategies that have structure and “teeth” and yet are adaptable enough to work in these times of increasing discontinuity? 

I split my time between bringing these learnings to external businesses to support their strategy work and working with Forum to continue to evolve our organization. At Forum, I spearhead our regular strategy setting process, lead our organizational design & development work and support on setting up learning structures that enable us to grow institutional and individual capabilities.

My dream project?

I would love to be involved in a Forum project that supports an organization, a community, or even a sector (!!) map out a strategy to evolve all aspects of itself to be truly just and regenerative from the inside out.  I know this is quite ambitious, but I feel like even the honest effort to go on this journey would yield such incredible learnings and we’d end up with instructive new models for how to organize, run businesses, nurture our people and communities and heal our planet.

What floats my boat outside of work?

I love travel, especially to coffee-producing countries and I have a particular fondness for Guatemala.  I am obsessed with kitschy British whodunits and Scandinavian murder mysteries and read dozens every year as my preferred form of escapism. I adore cold weather, long winters and LOTS of snow. I have a cabin in the middle of nowhere and when I can escape there for blustery winter weekend with my dog complete with fires and walks in the woods I always leave a little more grounded.



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