Senior Communications and Marketing Manager


Centred around building and problem-solving, my true passion lies in creation. A deep-seated desire to tackle significant challenges and leave a lasting impact drives me. Whether through art, storytelling, or filmmaking, the act of creation fuels my inner fire. It all began during my time as a Teach for India fellow, fuelled by a strong determination to create a lasting impact on the lives of children deprived of quality education. Post fellowship, I chose to work with the Indian media, where I witnessed the transformation from print to digital platforms. This evolution inspired me to innovate and discover fresh approaches to deliver content to diverse audiences.

I also had the privilege of crafting digital educational content for schoolchildren while working with an EdTech firm. However, it's the past six years that have truly defined my path. During this time, I embraced the development sector in India, and it's been a journey of inspiration and growth. I dived into the realm of innovative financing for health outcomes through USAID's platform, paving the way for impactful changes.

My exploration into the climate arena has been particularly invigorating. I joined forces with the Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy, delving into climate policy. My most recent chapter has been with the India Climate Collaborative (ICC), where I've been fully immersed in India's climate ecosystem. This experience has offered me a unique lens through which to view climate change, one that's rooted in the context of the Global South. It's about identifying climate solutions that are not only indigenous and equitable but also prioritise the well-being of people. 

As a communications professional, this journey of creation, impact, and transformation has been nothing short of amazing. Every step in this journey has shaped my perspective and deepened my commitment to creating positive change.

My dream project

My dream project embodies a shared vision: a sanctuary where education evolves into empowerment, growth, and transformation. Envision a retreat nestled in the Himalayas, away from the usual grind, allowing individuals to rediscover the simple pleasures of life, immerse themselves in nature's beauty, participate in hands-on building, and cultivate an environment for deep contemplation. This haven draws together visionaries, scholars, artists, policymakers, and practitioners, all converging to unleash their creativity, fostering innovation and progress by dedicating themselves to projects over an immersive four-week period.

This centre would serve as a profound hub for exchange among leaders from diverse backgrounds, disciplines, and corners of the globe. It's more than just a retreat—it's a launchpad for transformative ideas. The Residency creates an atmosphere that promotes connections across disciplines and cultures, enriching participants' work, reshaping their outlooks, and sparking fresh concepts.

Additionally, this space aspires to be the birthplace of audacious solutions for the world's most intricate challenges. It's driven by the ambition to nurture groundbreaking ideas and innovative artistic endeavors, shedding light on pressing global and social issues while igniting positive change.

In essence, my dream project envisions a Himalayan haven where collaborative thinking flourishes, resulting in transformative outcomes for individuals and the world at large.

What floats my boat outside work?

I take great pleasure in writing letters to family and friends, embracing the old-school charm of ink and paper. Additionally, I relish spending time outdoors—sometimes admiring the vast expanse of the sea and other times observing blades of grass swaying with the passing breeze. After years of navigating the concrete jungle, I'm now embracing nature, savouring its vastness and the intricate details within.