Administrative Assistant


I graduated with a first-class Law with Criminology degree from the University of Birmingham in 2021. Following this, I worked as a Family Law Paralegal and helped individuals navigate the family law courts and legal system. I mostly dealt with cases relating to childcare and domestic abuse. Therefore, I was largely exposed to many shortfalls in the system, particularly surrounding legal aid funding and access to justice. Working in the legal sector brought light to many broader injustices and problems regarding our current systems.  

Consequently, I chose to completely my change career path and enter the world of non-profits and sustainability. I joined Forum in August 2023 and have been using my role to assist and support those in our team who are inspiring system change and pushing for a just and regenerative environment, society, and economy. I hope to increase my impact over the years and become involved in creating change, as well as supporting those who already do so.

My dream project

My dream project would involve creating a more socially just and regenerative world for people to live in, with a strong focus on social sustainability and justice. I would like to connect the private sector and grassroots movements to inspire ethical ways of living and reconfigure the purposes of certain systems.

What floats my boat outside work?

I greatly enjoy music, whether that be listening to it, going to a concert, or playing the piano. I also enjoy exploring new places and anything to do with animals!