Senior Team Coordinator and Project Officer


With almost a decade of experience in handling and delivering IT solutions, after graduating in Computer Science, I began my journey with Cognizant as a web developer and spent 6 years crafting innovative digital solutions, mastering the art of coding, and delivering intuitive web experiences.

Having a natural aptitude for leadership and a passion for process improvement, I transitioned seamlessly into the role of Scrum Master. For the past 3 years, I was involved in agile transformations in a startup environment, driving teams towards greater efficiency, collaboration, and project success. With a love of nature and a process-driven mindset, I am fortunate to get to work with Forum and look forward to playing my part in steering global minds towards a sustainable Earth. 

My dream project

I started trekking and travelling India since 2016 and it is heartbreaking to see beautiful, untouched places of India being littered and humans leaving their carbon print. In addition to making destinations less attractive, this litter and pollution can have detrimental effects on local people and wildlife. My dream project would be travelling the distant places of the world for a cause to show the real nature and inspire the travelling community in promoting litter free and responsible travel.

What floats my boat outside work?

I love being in nature and I draw calmness and peace from it. Being an avid nature photographer, you would often find me lost in nature capturing the wilderness. I have a deep fascination towards rejuvenating sunsets, mountains and waterfalls and transforming them into timeless works of art by capturing them. I enjoy travelling to unexplored places in the world and wait for the right moment to capture them in their best form. My work has garnered international recognition, with the Natgeo and Earth social media accounts featuring some of my photographs. 

On a lazy day, I also spend my day watching cricket and playing video games.