A teacher, sign-maker, and sustainability strategist. I have lived in the U.S., Taiwan, Germany, and Sweden where I completed a MSc in Sustainable Development. Prior to joining Forum, I worked at Global Green with the Walmart Foundation to design waste out of urban food systems in the U.S.

At Forum

I help organisations anticipate change, set and achieve sustainability objectives and think strategically about creating the future they want. I value creating collaboratively, designing ambitiously, and communicating frankly.

Dream Project

I am an optimist. When a big, difficult sustainability problem is on my mind, I turn it into a question and Google/Ecosia it (yuck - Millennial - I know). The search results inevitably reveal one of two things:

1. People working to solve the problem.
2. Space where people could be working to solve the problem.

Result 1 gives me hope and result 2 a potential objective. My dream project is anything involving people attempting to (result 1), or interested in (result 2), solving big, difficult problems.

What floats my boat outside of work?

Eating, laughing, running, eating again, hearing live music, learning languages, mimicking/deciphering accents, and riding in/on electric vehicles of any kind.