Managing Director, India


My passion lies in helping ideas to bubble to the surface and then making them actually happen. I get fidgety if I think something might just sit on a piece of paper on a shelf. So it fits that the work on innovation within pioneering businesses is what really excites me. A great deal of my work centres on understanding the future opportunities for business in creating a sustainable world, trying out these solutions on a small scale and then working out what that means for taking the idea mainstream - shaping the system as we go. I’m currently running the Forum office in Mumbai, a city alive with innovation and entrepreneurship.

I joined Forum in 2007, following a hectic few months getting reforestation into the North Argentine psyche. I’d come across Forum as part of my Sustainable Business Masters at Leeds University and fell in love with the idea of working at the cutting edge of this field.

My dream project

Anything that gets people collaborating to bring good ideas into practice quickly. Preferably with an international or global impact.

What floats my boat outside of work

Exploring – usually on my bike – yes, even in Mumbai. Getting lost in different cultures. Outdoorsy stuff: screaming my way down mountains in panic; scuba diving; breathing in clean, fresh air whilst standing on Morte Point, North Devon in a howling gale; that kind of thing. And my dream house would definitely be a tree house. Perhaps like this one.

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