Senior Human Resource Advisor


My work as an Human Resource personnel focuses on supporting the evolving human resources needs of our international organisation, to promote the efficient management of people, systems and operations, with a particular focus on managing Forum’s end-to-end recruitment. By reviewing its strategy, structures and systems in several areas. One of our strategic objectives is investing in people management and to improve our ability to engender a high performance, diverse and inclusive, empowered and healthy working culture.

I started my career at Decathlon developing business in the organic cotton industry. The scent of raw cotton and working with communities and farmers brought out a hidden passion for developing natural textiles. With business growth came recruitments and delivering trainings which I enjoyed thoroughly. I knew in course of time that I wanted to work with organisations, but in a way that merged my interest in people management and with my passion for sustainability.

Dream Project

I love being part of transformational projects that encourage people to explore their behaviours and push their boundaries.

What floats my boat outside work?

Dancing, exploring nature reserves with my family and getting lost in the wilderness. Camping, scuba diving and exploring cultures, experimenting with cuisines excites me and foraging is my new love.