Global Project Lead


I have been a social entrepreneur, co-founding, in which I have played a leadership role for 8 years.

I am an organization and community designer and builder. I like to bring consistency, readability, trust, excitement, efficiency and agility to a collective of people sharing the same vision and purpose. 

I  like to navigate and create bridges between strategies and operations, individual and collective, results and processes, local and global, structure and flow, system and community.

At Forum

I develop a global community of sustainable behaviour change practitioners looking to increase the number and ambition of behaviour change interventions globally to create the conditions for lifestyles to adapt and reach a zero carbon footprint.

We will be looking at multiple levels of the system, from individual change to narrative, structural and policy change, and identifying the best system leverage points for collective experimentations – using both community building and system change approaches.  

Dream Project

My dream projects would protect the planet, protect our global cultural  heritage and build trust, empathy and tolerance. It would always be something showcasing and sharing the power of the collective.

What floats my boat outside work

On weekends, a visit to the farmers’ market and a yoga class are my non-negotiables to reset my energy! I love dancing and getting to the streets with joyful activists.