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I’m part of Forum’s System Innovation Lab - tend to work on Forum’s experimental collaborative projects, everything from Fashion Futures, FutureScapes to our latest Circular Economy Investigations. And unofficially I’m a knitter of ideas, people, projects and the odd scarf too.

I'm obsessed with the nexus of where technology, culture and sustainability meet and am excited by the opportunities this creates and the potential impact it can bring. Creativity is a core foundation of everything I do, I know the power it has to change people’s hearts and minds, Pop Art changed mine.

I thought I was destined to work in the arts sector having worked on a film festival, with illustrators and rebelling against the direction my business studies degree was taking me. But I found my approach happily in line with sustainability and systems thinking and so accidently ended up at Forum. Now I get to work on creative systems level projects instead – it’s turned out to be perfect combination.

What would your dream Forum project be? 

To create a sustainable future we need a cultural shift. I’m interested in how you can catalyse this shift by creating creative spaces for people to connect, explore, stop and question the world around them.

What floats tour boat outside work? 

Aside from urban adventuring, I love bringing creative projects to life. Everything from creating an art exhibitions like Focus Out, crowd-funding a letterpress magazine The Luddite, or working with Gourmandizing to create food murals in my local neighbourhood of Camberwell in South East London.

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