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Community Business in 2030

Drawing on the views and experiences of more than 40 community businesses and 20 experts, Community Business in 2030 illustrates the transformative effect the sector could have on both local people’s lives and society as a whole. Read more

Community Energy Coalition

Our aim is to ignite an energy revolution which places communities at its heart and strives for a clean, affordable and secure energy system for all. We are achieving this by helping communities across the UK to own, generate and save energy together. Read more

Content Hub

A dedicated content hub for all articles, analysis, tools, insights and systemic approaches related to COVID-19. Read more

COVID-19 trajectories

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause widespread disruption around the world, how are we all responding, what are the implications for creating a sustainable future, and where exactly do we go from here? Read more

COVID-19: Building resilience for a changing world

A note from our Chief Executive, Sally Uren, on the COVID-19 pandemic crisis and our response. Read more

Director of UK and Europe

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Equipping people to drive change

System change is hard. We help people become better change agents through our projects, partnerships, and Network, and the School of System Change. We are building a future that’s better for everyone, not just the few – and we do that by increasing people’s capacity to create change within their organisations, their communities and their lives. We have a 21 year track-record of solving complex sustainability challenges on a global scale. Read more