As regenerative approaches gain momentum in the United States’ dominant food and agriculture system, there's huge potential to tackle complex environmental and social challenges. But how do we ensure that the transition to a just and regenerative food and agriculture system embodies the Indigenous roots of the practices, and allows people and the planet to flourish long term?

Here, we explore the intersection of Indigenous knowledge and regenerative agriculture to catalyze food system transformation. 

Photographs by photographer Joe Whittle, and interviews conducted by Forum for the Future's Sustainability Strategist, Michelle Stearn.

Explore the farm stories and meet the Indigenous agriculturalists

Read in full: Recontextualizing “regeneration” with Ojibwe food producers Jerry Jondreau and Katy Bresette of Dynamite Hill Farms

Read in full: Sakari Farms: Working in kinship with the land to advance regenerative practices and support intertribal collaboration

Read in full: Beyond acknowledgement towards meaningful collaboration: Regenerative agriculture through the lens of a Hopi agriculturalist

Download the Growing our Future report which makes the case for urgent and deep transformation in the United States’ agricultural system. It takes stock of the dynamic but piecemeal progress being made towards regenerative agriculture and outlines how collective and systemic action across three intervention areas developed by the Growing our Future participants can help unlock a just and regenerative agriculture system in the US.