Thursday, 6 July 2023 – Our report, 'Scaling regenerative agriculture in the UK: Accelerating change through collaboration', calls for action to revolutionise the UK's food and farming system by promoting regenerative agricultural practices, and offers actionable insights to transform the way we produce and consume food.

At a pivotal moment for our food system, we need urgent, rapid, and large-scale systemic transformation to address critical issues such as climate change, land degradation, and equitable access to healthy diets. Our report highlights regenerative agriculture and agroecology as viable pathways to achieve regenerative goals, and acknowledges existing best practices at the farm level, but emphasises the need for scaling up and mainstreaming regenerative practices through supportive policies, incentives, and knowledge sharing to support holistic, regenerative outcomes. 

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The report is published as part of Forum’s Growing our Future initiative, an international programme by Forum, aimed at fostering collaboration and ambition for regenerative food and farming. Across the UK and US, the programme connects existing initiatives, partnerships, and convenings to catalyse change and drive greater impact in the agriculture sector.