Global Strategic Lead, Food System Transition


I have over twenty five years of experience working in the food, farming and environmental sectors. I have set up and managed  programmes on agroecology and food systems for WWF UK and international, Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) and Action Against Hunger. I co-founded Eating Better, which now has 63 member organisations. In 2020 I set up my own consultancy Nourishing Food Systems, specialising in research, policy and advocacy strategy development connected to climate, water and nature and in the food, agroecology, land management and finance sectors. Clients include McDonalds, Merchant Gourmet, Organix, Barilla, Greenpeace, Changing Markets Foundation, WRAP, Rewilding Britain, the Food Foundation, Nourish Scotland, Chatham House, the Slycan Trust and the FCDO.  

At WWF I set up their first programme on Sustainable Diets and food systems and over 10 years I developed the concept and worked with offices on every continent on the topics, as well as serving on the food practice leadership team. 

I have spoken at and chaired events at the UN FAO, UNEP, the EU and Scottish Parliaments, and the House of Lords, at Climate COPs, and I have briefed the Whitehouse on sustainable diets.  I have run workshops with organisations like WBCSD, Tesco, Unilever, and Nestle. I have spoken at festivals, universities and schools. I write blogs, newspaper and magazine articles and have been interviewed on TV, Radio and for podcasts, including the BBC, Sky and newsweek. 

I am currently the Chair of Eating Better, Senior Advisor on Sustainable Gastronomy for the LIFE Climate Smart Chefs Programme and a faculty member at the Food and Sustainability Certification Programme from the European Institute for Sustainability. 

I have an MSc in Sustainable Environmental Management, focusing on land use planning and river basin management and a BA in Philosophy.

My dream project

On a local level I would like to see every community having access to a community orchard providing fruit and nuts and shade and community spaces for all. I am currently setting one up in my own village. 

I was one of the first people to champion sustainable diets, ones that are accessible for all, built round cultural traditions and delicious foods. They are good for nature, and help to address the climate and water crises and provide all producers and their families with good, fair incomes. My dream project would be working to ensure all diets are sustainable. 

This could be linked to projects around agri voltaics and agricultural diversity where farmers grow a wider variety of crops, underneath solar panels which can enhance food, water, energy and economic security and can be engines for providing affordable accessible sustainable diets for local communities.

What floats my boat outside work?

I love gardening and working with wood. When I can combine the two I am happy. For me almost nothing beats spending a day working outdoors, rain or shine, creating or nurturing something and finishing the day physically tired. 

I am also a keen cook and love to cook with my children. Every Sunday we co create a family lunch. Each week a different person chooses the dishes. It can get very random.

I am passionate about conservation, with a lifelong love of orangutans. This led me to working on food and agriculture. I have been fortunate enough to see them in the wild, and hope my work contributes to their long term future.