Deepa is an impact investor and independent advisor who invests globally and flexibly across the returns continuum. She advises social enterprises, impact investing funds, private foundations, family offices, endowments, and traditional venture capital funds on strategy, structure, individual investments and portfolios, impact, and emerging markets. She has sourced, funded, and supported social enterprises around the world, with a focus on social ventures in South Asia and Africa. Throughout her career, she has translated big ideas into tangible execution, decentralised decision-making, and centred communities standing in their own power.

Her previous experience covers a diverse range of sectors, including Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, and Omidyar Network, where she was an impact investor, and Netafim, an Israeli ag-tech company, where she designed go-to-market for water conservation technologies and hardware in the Indian ag-tech space. Deepa started her career working with governments in more than seven countries as a senior researcher at Princeton University, and later went on to work in traditional management consulting in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has approached social change from different vantage points over the course of her career - working with corporations, government agencies, social enterprises, and civil society organisations in multiple countries. 

She holds an MBA from the Wharton School, an MSc from Oxford University in Economics for Development on full scholarship, and a bachelor's degree at Princeton University. She is currently based in London, with deep roots in Bangalore, where she can often be found enjoying dosa and filter coffee.