Senior Advisor, Fundraising and Development


There is a growing understanding of the need to change the way businesses and consumers interact with the earth. By working within Forum I have been inspired to see the opportunities that abound, and the agency we all have to make changes.

My role is to support Forum’s change agents as they translate their expertise into projects which will change the world, helping them to find suitable partners along the way. As part of this I help to deliver high value fundraising resources, events, systems and processes, ensuring that our funders can see the difference they are making, and that together we can achieve something revolutionary.

I previously worked in the fundraising team at the animal welfare charity Brooke, as well as volunteering for Alzheimer’s Society and the Kings Cross Story Palace project.

Before joining the non-profit sector I worked in green energy recruitment, specialising in working with Solar PV businesses on projects across the world.

Dream Project

I am excited by projects which allow people to experience the possibilities innovation can afford us at a local level. I believe projects like this will inspire people to realise that, as a global community, we have the capabilities to provide our children with a better world.

What floats my boat outside work?

I enjoy exploring London, playing and watching sport, history, reading, and music.

As a Londoner I am proud to be a member, and to sit on the fundraising committee, of Clapton CFC - a local and friendly fan-owned football club who value the needs of their community and supporters above all.