Lead, Learning and Knowledge Management


I have spent most of my career at the intersection of people and digital technology in the workplace: initially as a journalist writing about the changing role of information professionals as the internet brought everything directly to everyone, and later as a knowledge management and knowledge sharing specialist in a time of information overload. I am passionate about the power and potential of technology in this space, but it is often not used effectively within organisations. I think this is more often by accident than design, and many of the resulting challenges can therefore be worked on. I try to bring an awareness of the value that strong, integrated knowledge management and learning practice can bring to the organisation’s impact, and also how to strengthen that practice in a way that is pragmatic, achievable and in line with existing culture and values.

I have a strong personal commitment to sustainability, social justice, and gender equality, and see myself as someone with something to offer in this space. I spent many years working with Oxfam, and while there I provided direct knowledge management support to colleagues working with teams around the world. I also led the conceptual design phase for (and helped deliver) an integrated digital workplace that would have support for knowledge sharing, collaboration and learning built in from the start, and help cut across organisational silos and hierarchies.

Dream project

I love working in diverse teams and groups of people, and on projects where the end result isn’t necessarily known at the beginning. I enjoy working with concepts, ideas, and potential, and letting things emerge. Keywords for me are optimism and trust: there are solutions to big problems out there, but we have to think differently, and bring all the perspectives into the room, to find them. I am comfortable with ambiguity, but a small part of my brain will always be trying to find the patterns and connections and draw a picture that links everything together…

What floats my boat outside work?

I live in a 40-household cohousing community just outside Lancaster. We aim to live more sustainably by sharing resources - cars, tools, gardens, guest rooms, meals - and to explore other ways to reduce our collective carbon footprint. It is a fascinating and sometimes frustrating place to live, and a continuous learning experience! I also love spending time on my allotment, and I have a weakness for Damon & Naomi, miniature dachshunds, dirty martinis and masala dosas.


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