Food is at the heart of many of the world’s environmental, social and economic challenges. The issues – from soil health to public health – are deeply systemic, and cannot be solved by addressing food production or consumption separately. Our mission is to create a food system that delivers sustainable nutrition: giving everyone access to healthy and nutritious food and diets, while protecting and restoring the natural environment and ensuring decent livelihoods.

Sustainable nutrition is a powerful guiding principle for accelerating progress towards a sustainable food system – and towards the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals – by helping to better understand and act on the connections between agriculture, environment, food, nutrition and health.

Through one-to-one partnerships and multi-stakeholder collaborations, we develop practical solutions that drive lasting change for sustainable nutrition. Our partners and collaborators include, among others, Cafédirect, DuPont, Fairtrade Foundation, PepsiCo, Sime Darby, Unilever and WWF. Take a look at our full list of partners.

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Our global food system urgently needs attention if it is to cope with the challenges of the future, from climate change impacts on agriculture to increasing pressures associated with public health. Sustainable nutrition presents many challenges: Which foods should be given priority, in the face of increasing competition for land and resources? How can we stop the global rise of obesity and diabetes, while improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers? How can we rapidly reduce antibiotic use in livestock farming and encourage people to eat less meat? How can we reduce food waste, while increasing fruit and vegetable consumption?

Forum for the Future uses futures and systems thinking and tools to help food-related organisations (including businesses, foundations and others) understand and act on:

  • The implications of sustainable nutrition, including emerging risks and opportunities resulting from global trends, innovations, policy developments and other important changes
  • Systemic barriers to progress, opportunities to overcome those barriers, and the case for taking action, alone and in collaboration with others
  • Their role in scaling up solutions and enabling lasting positive change: within their own organisation, in their sector or industry, and across the wider food system

Through our one-to-one partnerships, ground-breaking collaborations and powerful coalitions, we help organisations make sense of complex challenges and take effective action. We challenge their assumptions about the future and help them understand their role in (and the business case for) shifting the food system onto a sustainable path.

To drive systemic change, we deliberately work with partners across food value chains, including entrepreneurs, leading multinationals, food producers, manufacturers, brands, retailers and industry associations – as well as the wider food system, including expert non-profits, academia, foundations and government.

Building on Forum’s 20 years of experience and insight, our cutting-edge projects and partnerships include:

  • The Protein Challenge 2040: a global partnership exploring how we will feed nine billion people enough protein in a way which is affordable, healthy and good for the environment.
  • Tea 2030: an international collaboration driving innovation across the tea value chain, with a focus on sustainable landscapes, better market mechanisms and consumer engagement – while generating learning and insights that can help address the future of other crops and industries.
  • Sustainable value networks: changing how value of various kinds is created, distributed and measured, through initiatives such as Cotton 2040 and Value Added Africa (and building on our work with the Shell Foundation on how to develop and scale up sustainable value chains).
  • Transforming food cultures: looking at how to change people’s attitudes and behaviours around food – from food waste to the future of consumer needs and behaviours (eg Which? Consumers in 2030 and Consumer Futures).


Work with us for leadership in sustainable nutrition

Wondering where to start, or how to take your progress to the next level? We can work with you to help your organisation, sector or industry drive system-level change for sustainable nutrition.

Businesses, we can help you:

  • Develop and implement your sustainable nutrition strategy
  • Innovate the products, services and business models of the future
  • Use your brands to drive change
  • Advocate for enabling legislation and business practices
  • Convene and collaborate with your suppliers, customers, peers and others to enable change

Foundations, we can help you:

  • Identify the organisations, interventions and solutions to fund, support and scale up for the biggest impact and return on your investment
  • Work with others in the food system to support and accelerate progress in line with your mission, in the short, medium and long term

Non-profits, we can help you:

  • Understand your role in enabling sustainable nutrition, from raising public awareness to shifting values
  • Shine light on and help scale up promising solutions; increase the impact of your activities, campaigns and programmes

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