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The Protein Challenge 2040 is the first global coalition of its kind, aiming to tackle the question: How do we provide up to 10 billion people with enough protein in a way that is healthy, affordable and good for the planet?

The challenge

Protein is fundamental to our diets, but the way we currently produce and eat it depletes natural resources, and overconsumption can impact human health. Awareness is growing among policymakers, businesses and civil society that urgent transformation is critical.

Human Health: While we produce enough protein to feed the world, quality protein is not equally available to all. Malnutrition is the most important risk factor for disease in developing countries, yet in 90% of countries average protein consumption is exceeding nutritional requirements.

Planetary health: The current production of protein is impacting our planetary life support systems. For example, if the number of livestock continues to grow on its current trajectory, their cumulative emissions between now and 2050 could be equivalent to one third of the remaining 1.5°C carbon budget

Food Security: Rising incomes and population growth are contributing to rising demand for protein, yet security of supply is at risk. Global fish populations are thought to have halved since 1970 yet 22% of catch from fisheries is used for animal feed.

The challenge is clear - but action is slow and fragmented. Together, we need urgent transformative action to reshape protein production and consumption.

The Future of Protein: Shaping the future of food

Our solution

We envisage a future in which everyone in our growing global population has access to healthy, sustainable and affordable sources of protein.

Every player in the protein system has a role in driving change. Together, we can build a sustainable protein system by:

  • Raising the importance of policy and collaborative industry action
  • Advocating for a better balance of sustainable protein, relevant to local contexts
  • Helping to map out the path to an inclusive protein system that takes into account the livelihoods at stake
  • Recognising the cultural importance of food, test approaches to unlock systems change

To find out more, explore what we are doing in the following areas:

Future Plates: rebalancing protein in diets Scaling sustainable animal feed

Why do we focus on these areas?

Shaping the Future of Protein

Benefits of joining

Each of the partners involved in Protein Challenge 2040 has joined in recognition that no one organisation or company can solve these complex sustainability challenges alone.

If you are a leading business, civil society or government organisation this is your opportunity to:

  • Increase your impact and credibility by working with pioneering change-makers
  • Be part of a deeply engaged network of industry stakeholders
  • Demonstrate sector leadership by showcasing joined-up, collective action
  • Connect with innovation across your value chain
  • Gain deeper insights to better inform the future strategy of your business.

Join us

The window for us to solve this huge challenge is shrinking fast.

Get involved today and join our dynamic collaboration - The Protein Challenge 2040 - to benefit from being part of a network that shares collective expertise and influence. For more information contact Roberta Iley, Principal Change Designer:

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