Action Sprint: Plant-based innovation

Increasing the proportion of plant-based food people eat is one of the crucial steps towards more sustainable, healthy diets – with huge excitement, investment and momentum around plant-based innovation in Europe and the US.
However, that innovation is not necessarily well-aligned with ensuring that nutritious, sustainable food is widely affordable, accessible and desirable to a wide range of people and communities. As it stands, plant-based innovation is not delivering sustainable nutrition for all
But what if we could harness the energy around plant-based innovation to help catalyse the transformations in the food system that are urgently needed?
What kinds of innovation, in the widest sense, do we need to deliver a healthier, more sustainable and, crucially, more equitable food system, from new approaches to innovation and new business models, to cultural and mindset shifts?
How might plant-based innovation help drive the ‘just transition’ of diets?

What's an Action Sprint?

Running from June - August 2021, this Action Sprint the first of a series exploring a key question around the role of protein in contributing to food system transformation. This sprint is a creative, interactive and experimental exploration of plant-based innovation consisting of workshops and an online inquiry. It will source cutting-edge insights to guide actors across the food system, along with contributions to the UN Food System Summit dialogues.

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This Action Sprint is joined by a diverse group of people ranging from. It forms part of the Great Protein Transformation Challenge. Our partners include: