The challenge

Animal feed is an unseen yet vital input in the food industry that has significant impacts on environmental health and food security. Nearly half of global agricultural land is used for livestock feed production and more than a fifth of wild caught fish is fed to animals. Feed contributes to 45% of greenhouse gas emissions from livestock production, and much of it comprises high-value foods rich in nutrition, such as soy and maize.

“It will be very challenging to meet the future demands for livestock and farmed fish products in sustainable ways without transforming the way we produce animal feed.” - Sandra Vijn, a director of WWF’s food program

Our solution

The Feed Compass project aims to find better ways of feeding farmed animals and fish that:

  1. Reduces environmental impact on land and sea
  2. Releases land for cultivation of other foods
  3. Frees up high-quality plant protein for human consumption

What can you do? 

Leaders from across the food industry ranging from retailers, cafes, restaurants and caterers has a vital role, as trusted intermediaries with consumers, to accelerate progress on sustainable animal feed.  By collaborating more with their supply chain, they can:

  • help to scale up promising innovations more quickly
  • provide supportive environments for more sustainable feed production practices
  • Build a more resilient supply chain

Our 'Feed behind our Food' report sheds light on why we urgently need to change how livestock and farmed fish are being fed.

Download the Feed Behind Our Food report

The Feed Compass tool

We are developing an easy-to-use tool that will help the industry compare different types of feed and make better decisions on animal feed that will minimise its impact. We need progressive retailers, food service companies, animal protein producers and feed companies to join us in developing the Feed Compass tool.

To join us in tackling this global challenge, talk to us.

Who’s involved?

The Feed Compass project is led by an ambitious and diverse group of international retailers, food manufacturers, feed ingredient companies, innovators and NGOs from across the food system. It forms part of the Protein Challenge 2040 coalition. Member organisations include:

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