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Auto Loop: How to close the automotive loop

We undertook an investigation to understand how the automotive industry is exploring closed loop models, where are the opportunities, barriers and recommendations for a more sustainable automotive industry.Read more

Climate Futures: Responses to Climate Change in 2030

The year is 2030. Global supply chains are shrinking. The US president has called for the UN to be dismantled. Globalisation is in retreat, trade barriers are rising and conflicts over water, food and energy are breaking out.Read more

Collaboration Guidebook

Initiating, building and managing collaborations for long-term success.Read more

Consumer Futures 2020

We can be sure of one thing about the future: it will be radically different from today. The global recession shows how quickly things can change...Read more

Creating the big shift: system innovation for sustainability

Many of the vital systems that we rely on are not working. We need a big shift to create a sustainable future. This paper discusses 6 steps needed to significant changeRead more

EU Innovate: Future Scenarios

The scenarios highlight a number of key future shifts, that when combined could fundamentally reconfigure the culture and dominant paradigm of EuropeRead more

Fashion Futures 2025: Global scenarios for a sustainable fashion industry

Fashion is a big deal. The global apparel, accessories and luxury goods market generated total revenues of $1,334.1 billion in 2008.1Read more

Feed Compass: The Feed behind our Food

Retailers and food service companies have a vital role to play, in working with the animal protein and feed industry towards solutions that are both sustainable and commercially viable. Time to act on feed.Read more

Future Cities Dialogue

A project investigating urban system integration in the UK. Cities thrive by meeting the needs of their citizens. Throughout history, those that have done this best have been the most important, and those that have done it longest have been the most powerful.Read more

Future of Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

In 2015-16, Forum for the Future explored the potential of business to improve the health and wellbeing of millions of people.Read more

Informal Cities Dialogue

The Dialogues explore the role of informality in fostering inclusion and building resilience.Read more

Megacities on the move

Your guide to the future of sustainable urban mobility in 2040.Read more

Retail Horizons

Envisioning the future of Retail Practical tools based around current trends and four future scenarios to help retailers plan for the years ahead.Read more

Scaling up impact

Today's complex sustainability challenges require ambitious, joined-up solutions and a shift from standalone innovations to deliberate collective action at scale.Read more

Shaping the Future of Protein: The Protein Challenge 2040

Accelerating Innovation and Action. The Protein Challenge 2040, a ground-breaking international pre-competitive collaboration, has set out to address these challenges head-on.Read more

Synthetic Biology: a deliberation aid

It aims to help individuals and groups interested in engaging with synthetic biology to consider a broad range of risks and opportunities and a variety of perspectives on them.Read more

The Five Capitals

There are five types of sustainable capital from where we derive the goods and services we need to improve the quality of our lives.Read more

The Future of Tea: A Hero Crop for 2030

Steps towards a sustainable future for the tea industry. We don't eat it. We certainly don't need it to survive. So, why is tea so important?Read more

Wise Minds: The energy transition and large utilities

Insights from energy industry and political leaders on the rapidly changing UK energy system.Read more