More than 25 years of sustainability efforts have not delivered. Why? Where has the sustainability movement gone wrong? What’s holding it back? What are the biggest questions we all face right now? And where must we focus if we’re to create what’s urgently needed: a just and regenerative future?

Forum for the Future’s latest Future of Sustainability series explored all this and more. As the world stands at a pivotal crossroads, Looking Back to Go Forward has taken stock of what the past can teach us about our future – engaging more than 35 perspectives to create a unique opinion and commentary series.

And all insights are now available in one compilation.

Download it now to:

  • Explore lessons learned from where we have failed and succeeded as a movement, and why.  
  • Examine the biggest questions we face right now and how the world is responding. It’s here we consider wide-ranging questions, from what a ‘just transition’ means and how the role of business and the finance sector is changing to what alternative economic models are emerging and whether we think the food system will unravel or transform
  • Consider what this all means going forward – an analysis of the three things holding the movement back, the six things that could propel us forward, and dreams of a better future for people and planet.


The Future of Sustainability: Looking Back to Go Forward is hosted on the Futures Centre and was made possible thanks to our contributors and partners: Laudes Foundation, GSK Consumer Healthcare, Target, M&S, Capgemini, Bupa, 3M, the Cosmetic Toiletry & Perfumery Association (CTPA), Burberry, Olam Food Ingredients, and in particular our headline sponsor, SC Johnson.

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