Chefs and other culinary professionals have huge potential to lead change in how everybody eats, for the better. It is both urgent and critical to prepare chefs with the skills and knowledge they need to create great-tasting, sustainable, healthy and nutritious meals and food products.

Forum for the Future, together with the University of West London and the Future Plates initiative, have developed and piloted eight forward thinking, sustainability led lessons. 

These cover some basic content aimed at schools and colleges to adapt into their teaching courses or industry providers for their on-the-job training. The lessons focus themes and issues that caterers are set to face in the coming years: from finding a new protein balance to wider food sustainability areas such as food waste, livelihoods and seasonality.

Our handbook is designed to be a guide to using the resources effectively and provides the background behind the pilot. 

Download the teaching Handbook

Each lesson module has the following teaching materials:

  • Lesson Plan
  • Recipe list
  • Theory presentations
  • Links to supporting material
  • Advice from the pilot

Teaching Materials

Biodiversity: Sea

Animal Welfare

Investing in Livelihoods

Food Waste


Environmental Impact of Animal Protein

Sustainable Nutrition

Biodiversity: Land

We encourage you as teachers and professionals to make it your own, tailor it to your students and circumstances, and adapt it to suit your needs.

Everyone has a role to play, whether you are a…

  • Trainer that can trial and share new approaches to lessons
  • Chef that can encourage on-the-job training or run master classes in culinary institutes
  • Food manufacturer that can highlight the demand for sustainability skills and invest in training
  • Or someone in a position to influence the criteria in culinary assessments or competition briefs to ensure sustainability is fully incorporated

The learnings and recommendations from the pilot have also been distilled into a Future Plates Insights Report.

Read the Insights Report

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The Future Plates pilot is part of the Protein Challenge 2040, an ambitious collaboration to create a more sustainable future for the protein sector. Find out more about: