Feed Compass: acting on animal feed

Animal feed is an unseen yet vital input in the food industry that has significant impacts on environmental health and food security. Nearly half of global agricultural land is used for livestock feed production and more than a fifth of wild caught fish is fed to animals. Feed contributes to 45% of greenhouse gas emissions from livestock production, and much of it comprises high-value foods rich in nutrition, such as soy and maize.Read more

Rebalancing protein in diets

As part of the Protein Challenge 2040, we are working to rebalancing consumption of animal, plant and alternative proteins amongst consumers, to help minimise the environmental, social and health impacts of our current protein system.Read more

The Protein Challenge 2040

Protein is fundamental to human health, but the way we currently produce and eat it has significant impacts on both human and environmental health, and is fundamentally unsupportable in the long run.Read more