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Rachel Sinha

Co-Founder, The Systems Sanctuary

Rachel is Co-Founder of The Systems Sanctuary, which was created to support the growing number of pioneers experimenting with systemic interventions to systemic problems.  The Systems Sanctuary use their combined 30 years of experience of working on systemic change to help leaders to build camaraderie and support to do their work more effectively.

Rachel and her colleagues teach theory and strategy for systems change, coach individual system entrepreneurs who are building their businesses, and support ecosystems to build systems change capacity across their initiatives. Their peer-coaching programmes have been running for 2 years and have now had over 70 international participants from the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  

Rachel also has experience of founding and co-leading a systems change initiative for 8 years, The Finance Innovation Lab, that she shares through her teaching with the School.

“In my current work I am excited about building bridges between equity, feminist practices and systems change; thinking about the leadership capacities of systems leaders; and supporting people to build ecosystems for positive change.”