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Senior Manager Global Community Impact EMEA
Johnson & Johnson Foundation

Marion is a seasoned global health and partnering professional with close to 15 years’ experience spanning a career working for leading organisations across the private, public and non-profit sectors. Throughout the years Marion built a career co-creating, facilitating and managing partnerships across big and small organisations and discovered that social change and improvement of health is not enough. Privileged to work with some of the leading health innovators, systems thinkers and entrepreneurs, she has been challenging the status quo by advocating for new ways of partnering with the belief that collective action and impact approaches are needed to drive transformation and systemic change. She has also been exploring how to best invest in resilience at individuals, communities and health systems level to shift from curing bad health to sustaining good health.

"I am convinced that the most impactful way to change the future trajectory of health is by investing in systems leadership for leaders of tomorrow to be better able to connect the visionary with the actionable, to be comfortable with complexity, and to marry a strong sense of agency and purpose with their hopes for the future."

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